About Us


Duana Foster,


Duana Naturals was started after Duana was diagnosed with skin cancer. Her creative and resourceful abilities led her on an exploration to find natural alternatives for her skin care. Even before her skin cancer, Duana consistently suffered from dry and sensitive skin, where perfumes and additives only escalated her skin issues. After much research, Duana began making her own all natural and organic skin care products. Using her products and noting the improvement to her own skin, she decided to share with friends and family. Due it's popularity, her entrepreneurial spirit and the area's lean toward organic, small batch, handmade products, Duana knew others would love and appreciate her products as much as she does.
Duana does each production step herself (unless her very talented, chemist daughter is around to help out). She selects her ingredients, combines, pours, and packages everything on her own to insure the pureness and pride she has for her products. This ultimate attention to detail shows customers Duana’s passion for her products and for improving the health of your skin.